January 12

Lesson Plans for the Week of January 14, 2019


Unit Circle: The other Trig Functions

Quiz on First Quadrant

wksht: Unit Circle-find trig ratios

(given on Friday): wksht: cut out each piece, match sides to make puzzle, glue to a piece of paper and turn in Thursday: Trig Cut Ups

Tuesday (MUN)

Practice Building Complete Unit Circle w/Blank and work on wksht assigned yesterday. Finish puzzle.

Wednesday (MUN)

Wksht: Practice w/Radians (get in class-not posted online)


Quiz on First Quadrant

Reference Angles

Wksht (1-18) Reference Angles


Quiz on Second Quadrant

Continue Reference Angles

Wksht (19-44) (see Thursday for wksht link)

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