July 19

PreAP PreCalculus

Welcome to PreAP PreCalculus!

Don’t let the name scare you. In this course we will pick up where Algebra 2 left off, but not without reviewing what you learned there. You will see all of the same functions with the addition of these functions: polynomial, piece-wise, step, more rational, and trigonometry! Trigonometry goes way beyond SOH CAH TOA. In fact, we will spend an entire semester learning about Trigonometry.

If you are absent, I need you to go the link below and get the notes from the day you were absent. Do this before you return to class. If you are out for Extra-Curricular, this is where you will find the notes. I will post them by the afternoon everyday. Using your phone, go to the link and the bookmark it for easy access. PreCal is like a small town, if you blink while going through, you will get lost. This is my attempt at helping you not to get lost when you blink.


days out for illness, etc. = days to make it up  

days out for school stuff = due when you walk in the door

Link to PreCal notes


Remind 101:



December 9

Lesson Plans for the Week of December 11, 2017


Radians and Degrees

Reviewed for Nine-Week test by working through the nine-week reviews that were assigned throughout MP2

Radians to Degrees and visa versa wksht (1-30)


Nine Week Test


Angles and Coterminal Angles with radians

Angles and Coterminal Angles in Radians wksht (1-20)


Degree/Radian/Circle Activity


Numbering the Unit Circle” Activity